How to Check If An iPhone Is Blacklisted

iPhones have gained so much popularity in recent times. They are preferred by most people due to their advanced features, reliability, and efficient communication capabilities. However, one common issue that users of iPhones face is Blacklisting. It comes as a frustration to many people as they find out that their iPhone has been blacklisted. Some of the reasons for blacklisting iPhones include loss or theft, failure to pay bills, and many more.

The challenges that come with a blacklisted iPhone go beyond just communication as it becomes challenging to sell, trade-in, upgrade, or use it with another carrier. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to check if an iPhone is blacklisted. This blog will take you through various methods on how you can check if an iPhone is blacklisted.

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Why You Need to Check If An iPhone Is Blacklisted

There are various reasons why you need to check if an iPhone is blacklisted. Here are some few:

1. It becomes difficult to sell a blacklisted iPhone- no one wants to buy a product that is not worthwhile.

2. Inability to upgrade or trade-in your current iPhone to a newer version.

3. Once the iPhone is blacklisted, it’s not possible to use it with a different carrier.

4. The iPhone will also not be able to receive any software updates once it has been blacklisted.

5. There is no guarantee of the origin of the iPhone, and it’s uncertain that the device wasn’t a stolen one.

Method 1: Check If An iPhone Is Blacklisted Using IMEI number

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, a unique identification number that is assigned to a mobile device. Checking the IMEI number of the iPhone will help you determine whether it has been blacklisted or not.


1. Go to the ‘Phone’ app and dial *#06#

2. The IMEI number will pop-up on the screen once you have dialled the number.

3. Copy the IMEI number and go to IMEI Check website.

4. Enter the IMEI number and choose the model of your iPhone from the drop-down list.

5. Click on ‘CHECK’

6. You will receive the details of your iPhone, including its background history, blacklist status, and carrier activation status.

– It’s a simple and straightforward process
– It provides you with important information about your iPhone
– It’s free

– You risk being scammed if you use an illegitimate website

Method 2: Check If An iPhone Is Blacklisted Via Carrier Website

The second method you can use to know whether your iPhone is blacklisted is through the carrier’s website. By checking if the iPhone has been blacklisted directly from the carrier, you can get accurate results.


1. Go to the carrier’s website and access the page for Blacklist Checker.

2. Enter the IMEI number on the space provided for it.

3. Click on ‘Check’

4. The results will be displayed on your screen.

– It’s reliable and accurate
– You can verify immediately if the phone is blacklisted

– It’s not possible to check if the carrier has blacklisted the iPhone for you.
– It only works with the carrier that blacklisted the iPhone.

Method 3: Check If An iPhone Is Blacklisted Using Third Party Services

Another method that you can use to check if your iPhone is blacklisted is to use the third-party website. Several websites provide background information about iPhones, including whether they have been blacklisted or not.


1. Search for reputable third-party websites online and visit one that suits you the most.

2. Proceed to enter the IMEI number on the website and click on the ‘Check’ box.

3. The results of the check will be displayed on your screen.

– It’s accessible as you can use your phone or laptop to perform the check
– Some third-party websites offer a detailed report of your iPhone, including its background history.

– Not all third-party websites are trustworthy; some of them might harm your device.
– You need to be careful as scammers run some misleading third-party websites.

What to Do If You Can’t Check If An iPhone Is Blacklisted

If you have tried all the methods mentioned above but still can’t check if your iPhone is blacklisted, you need to consider the following fixes:

– Contact the carrier or the company where you bought the iPhone from and check if they can help you in blacklisted iPhone status
– Check with the authorities if they have recovered a stolen iPhone
– Visit the Apple Store or an authorized repair center to assist you further

Bonus Tips

– Ensure you keep your iPhone safe and if lost or stolen, immediately report to the relevant authorities.
– Always check for the IMEI number of your iPhone before buying a second-hand device.
– Don’t purchase iPhones from unauthorized sellers to avoid purchasing stolen iPhones.

5 FAQs

Q1: Why do carriers blacklist iPhones?

A: Some of the reasons why carriers blacklist iPhones include loss or theft, failure to pay bills, and fraud activities.

Q2: Can a blacklisted iPhone still be used?

A: Yes, a blacklisted iPhone can still be used as a WIFI-only device or resold for parts.

Q3: Will resetting an iPhone clean the blacklist status?

A: No, resetting an iPhone will not clean the blacklist status. The blacklist status will remain the same, and the device will still be unusable.

Q4: Which countries have databases that list blacklisted iPhones?

A: Many countries or organizations worldwide keep a database of blacklisted iPhones.

Q5: How can I unlock a blacklisted iPhone?

A: It’s impossible to unlock a blacklisted iPhone. Once an iPhone is blacklisted, the only option is to contact your carrier or the police to get more information or help to solve the issue.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to check whether an iPhone is blacklisted is crucial before purchasing or selling an iPhone. By using any of the methods highlighted in this article, you can get accurate information about the history of an iPhone. Use legitimate websites and always be cautious not to fall into the hands of scammers. When you keep your iPhone safe, you reduce the chances of it getting blacklisted.

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