How to Clear The Ram on iPhone XR

As soon as you open multiple applications and tabs, your iPhone’s RAM would automatically slow down, making it difficult for you to switch between applications. When the RAM is overloaded, the system becomes unresponsive, causing delays. In this case, clearing your iPhone’s RAM may help. The phone’s RAM can be cleared with a few simple steps, and, as a result, the phone’s performance will improve.

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Why You Need to Clear The Ram on iPhone XR

Many individuals are unaware that clearing their phone’s RAM can enhance its performance significantly. Your iPhone may slow down if you execute several applications at the same time. Your iPhone XR has sophisticated software and hardware that can handle a variety of apps. However, as the number of applications running on your iPhone XR grows, the RAM usage will skyrocket, causing system lag and delay. Clearing your iPhone’s RAM can free up memory and make it run more smoothly.

Method 1: Clear Ram by Restarting iPhone XR

Clearing your iPhone’s RAM via restarting is a basic and straightforward approach. You can dump temporary files and close redundant applications legitimately.
1. Press and hold the power button and either volume button for a few seconds.
2. Slide the power off to the right side to turn the iPhone off.
3. Press and keep the power button again until you view the Apple logo appears on the screen.
4. The phone will restart with the RAM cleared.


– Easy to operate
– No worries about the iPhone being damaged
– No additional software is required


– You can lose data if you haven’t saved it
– Time-consuming since you need to restart entirely

Method 2: Clear Ram via AssistiveTouch on iPhone XR

To utilize AssistiveTouch to clear the iPhone’s RAM, we should empower it first from the accessibility menu.
1. Go to Settings and open General.
2. Tap on "Accessibility" and choose AssistiveTouch.
3. Turn on AssistiveTouch.
4. A white circle icon will appear on your iPhone screen.
5. Click on the circle button, then tap on "device" and then press and hold "Lock screen."
6. The “Slide to Power Off” screen will show up after you have long-pressed the "Lock Screen" button.
7. Press and keep holding the home button until the home screen returns. It will be followed by the appearance of black screens with white Apple logos, indicating that you’ve succeeded in clearing the iPhone’s RAM.


– AssistiveTouch can be used without the need for additional application
– Simple steps


– AssistiveTouch can be less convenient
– Might not be useful when the icon is hidden

Method 3: Clear Ram via Third-party Application on iPhone XR

You may download a third-party app to assist in clearing iPhone RAM. To remove unnecessary data, you may use these applications. The Applications not only help you remove unnecessary data but also beautify your iPhone’s home interface.


1. Go to the App Store and look for an app that can clear iPhone’s RAM
2. Install the application and run it
3. Hit the "Refresh" button to scan the temporary files
4. Remove the files by clicking the "Clear button."


– Time-saving since no need to restart and operate menu
– The app can also be used to save space by removing unwanted files


– You may download a malicious app
– Additional apps can hinder system performance sometimes.

What to Do If You Can’t Clear Ram on iPhone XR

If clearing the phone’s RAM fails, there are other options you can try to enhance your iPhone’s performance.
– Delete unused applications to free up space and reduce the RAM burden.
– Backup and restore your iPhone from iTunes.
– Examine the system’s settings and disable unnecessary background activity.
– Close unwanted tabs and apps running in the background.

Bonus Tip

You can always check your iPhone’s memory usage to determine what applications use the most memory. You can access this information by following the simple steps below.
-Open the "Settings" menu
-Choose the "General" tab
-Click on "Storage & iCloud Usage"
-Under "Storage," select the "Manage Storage" tab.

5 FAQs

Q1: Will clearing RAM on my iPhone lose my data?

A: No, clearing RAM will not erase any of the data saved on your iPhone. It only frees up space, thus enhancing the phone’s speed.

Q2: How frequently should I clear my iPhone’s RAM?

A: There is no set frequency for clearing your iPhone’s RAM. It’s up to you and your everyday usage’s amount, which decides when you need to clear it.

Q3: How do I know my iPhone’s RAM is running slow?

A: When you navigate and switch between apps, the phone may slow down. App data may approximately take 20-30 seconds to load.

Q4: Do I require a third-party app to clear my iPhone’s RAM?

A: No, third-party apps are not necessary. Simple steps, such as restarting the phone or utilizing AssistiveTouch, can help free up iPhone RAM.

Q5: Is clearing RAM on my iPhone harmful to the device?

A: No, clearing your iPhone’s RAM is not harmful. It may enhance phone speed.

Final Thoughts

Clearing iPhone RAM is essential for optimal performance and to avoid crashes. It may also help run additional applications and increase efficiency. The three methods provided in this article are quick and straightforward. If one method proves ineffective, try another. We hope you can find this article helpful and enhance your Apple user experience.

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