How to Track An Android Phone from An iPhone

In today’s world, everyone seeks convenience and accessibility. The upcoming generation wants everything in their hands, and technology is meeting up to their expectations. Apple and Android are the two names that come up when we talk about cellphones. People use either of them, and sometimes, they want to keep a check on the phone of their loved ones too. Either it is for safety reasons or trust issues. That’s where tracking comes in. In this blog, we are going to look into how to track an Android phone from an iPhone.

Tracking applications are the best help nowadays. People use them to locate their family members, their lost phones, and even employees to know their location during the working hours. If you are an iPhone user and want to keep a check on an Android phone, we are here to help.

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What’s Needed

There are only a few things that one needs before starting the tracking process. First, the Android phone and iPhone, second, both devices should be connected to the internet and third, the tracking application is installed on both devices.

What Requires Your Focus?

Before tracking, make sure you have access to both devices. You should also know the credentials of the tracking application if it’s already installed.

Different Methods to Track an Android Phone from An iPhone

Method 1: Via Google Maps

Google Maps are very useful for tracking. When it comes to tracking a phone, Google Maps comes in handy. Both devices should have a Google account set-up to use Google Maps. Follow these simple steps to track an Android phone with an iPhone using Google Maps.

1. Install Google Maps on the iPhone.
2. Sign in to Google Maps through your Google account.
3. Tap the icon near the search bar, where an account picture is displayed.
4. Select the location sharing option.
5. Choose the option "Share Your Real-Time Location Until You Turn It Off."
6. Select the time period for which it will be shared.
7. Enter the Gmail address of the Android phone to track.
8. On the Android phone, open the browser and open Google Maps.
9. Tap the sign-in icon and enter the same Google account information that was used to sign in to Maps on the iPhone.
10. Once both devices are signed in and your location is shared, open Google Maps on the iPhone to track the Android phone.


– No need to install third-party applications.
– Easy-to-use interface.


– Only real-time location sharing option is available.
– The Android phone must have a Google account.

Method 2: Using Find My Device

Find My Device is a free service provided by Google that helps you locate lost devices when you sign in with your Google account. Find My Device works on Android devices only, but you can use it on your iPhone to locate an Android phone.

1. Download the Find My Device app from the App Store on the iPhone.
2. Sign in to the app with the same Google account that is signed in on the Android phone.
3. Once you sign in, it will automatically search for all devices connected to your Google account.
4. Select the Android device you want to track.
5. Once you select the device, you will see the real-time location of the device on your iPhone.


– Real-time location available.
– No third-party app required.


– Only works for Android devices connected to the same Google account.

Method 3: Via Family Locator

Family Locator is a free app offered by Life360 that helps you locate family members and friends on both Android and iPhones. You can use this app to track an Android phone if it is already installed on the device.

1. Download and install the Family Locator app on both devices.
2. Create an account with the app.
3. On the Android phone, sign in with the same account.
4. Turn on location services on the device.
5. Go to the app’s tracking settings and enable location sharing.
6. On the iPhone, sign in with the same account.
7. Once you are signed in, you will see the Android phone’s location.


– Provides real-time tracking.
– User-friendly interface.


– The app needs to be installed on both devices.
– Constant location sharing may drain the battery life of both devices.

Method 4: Via PhoneSheriff Investigator

PhoneSheriff Investigator is a licensed software that allows you to monitor Android devices. The software offers a wide range of features that include tracking location, messages, and calls. The license costs $49 for a lifetime service.

1. Purchase the PhoneSheriff Investigator software and download it on the computer.
2. Connect the Android phone to the computer.
3. Create an account with the software by following the instructions in the software.
4. Once the device is connected, you will be able to see all the information from the device on your computer.


– Provides detailed information about the device.
– No need to install the app on the iPhone.


– Costly compared to other options.
– Only one device can be monitored/per license.

Why Can’t I Track the Android Phone from the iPhone?

There are some reasons why you may not be able to track an Android phone from your iPhone:

1. Location Services are Disabled: If location services are disabled on the Android phone, you will not be able to track it.

2. The Phone is Turned Off: When the phone is turned off, there is no way to track the location.

3. Different User Accounts: If both phones are not logged into the same Google account, you cannot track one phone from another.

– Turn on location services.
– Turn on the Android device if it is off.
– Log into the same Google account on both devices.

Implications and Recommendations

Tracking is the new norm nowadays, but it should be used responsibly. Tracking should be done only if it’s necessary, like for safety reasons or in case of an emergency. Parents can track their children’s devices to keep them safe, and employers can track their workers. Still, they should inform them before doing so. Tracking someone without their consent can harm the relationship and lead to trust issues.

– Use tracking apps responsibly.
– Inform people before tracking them.
– Private Information should not be shared with everyone.

5 FAQs about Tracking an Android Phone from an iPhone

Q1: What is the best tracking app for Android devices?

A: The best tracking app for Android devices depends on the individual’s needs. Some popular tracking apps for Android devices are Find My Device, Life360, and FlexiSPY.

Q2: Can I track an Android phone without installing software?

A: Yes, you can track an Android phone without installing software like Find My Device, which comes pre-installed on most Android devices. You can remotely access the location of the Android device using this app.

Q3: Can I track multiple Android phones from my iPhone?

A: Yes, tracking multiple Android devices from an iPhone is possible through apps like Family Locator, which allows you to add multiple devices.

Q4: Can I track an Android phone if it’s offline?

A: You cannot track an Android device if it’s offline because the location services will not work if the device is not connected to the internet.

Q5: Do I need to have my location turned on to be tracked?

A: Yes, location services must be turned on on the Android device for it to be tracked.

Final Words

Tracking is a controversial topic, and it should only be done when it’s necessary. There are many tracking apps available in the market that can help people locate their loved ones and employees. In this blog, we have discussed some popular methods to track an Android phone from an iPhone that are easy-to-use and do not require any complex procedures. We hope our readers find this blog helpful and use tracking responsibly.

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